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Min. Amount 1000$ – 2499$

Daily Transactions 5-8 Signals

Monthly Return 50%

Set Up Fees 250$

Min. Amount 2500$ – 4999$

Daily Transactions 8-12 Signals

Monthly Return 65%

Set Up Fees 400$

Min. Amount 5000$ – 7499$

Daily Transactions 12-18 Signals

Monthly Return 70%

Set Up Fees 750$

Min. Amount 7500$ – and more $

Daily Transactions 16-25 Signals

Monthly Return 80%

Set Up Fees 1000$

Auto Trade Binary Option System

Binary Borsa brings you our professional and most advanced Binary Option managed accounts for those who don’t have sufficient time to trade on their own, for those who don’t have the required knowledge and not sophisticated enough to trade their binary option accounts successfully.

Binary Borsa Provides Auto Trade System for investors who wish to invest on binary option and don’t have time to trade Thier Accounts, We can generates a return of 80% on your account monthly based. Among our clients you can find Professional Hedge Funds, investment houses, big institutions and independent traders like you.

We are Working very Hard to provide You transparent, flexible, and top level services .Our mission is to help thousands of traders all over the world succeed in trading and making money while reducing the risk to a minimum, We want you to earn a steady monthly income from home like a professional, but most importantly we want to help you keep your money safe.

What is Binary Borsa Auto Trade System ?

Systematic technical analysis approach of the investment process What you see is what you get approach Automated Optimal Built in Money Management Proven trading systems with solid backtested statistics Binary Borsa specializes in systematic trading systems for the Binary Option. Harnessing outstanding talent and innovation, the Binary Borsa team of quantitative has developed proprietary systematic technologies that trade the Binary Option and capitalize on the intraday or day-to-day movements exhibited by the global currency market To accommodate the needs for both private and institutional investors,Binary Option offers trading systems to suit every investor’s mentality and expectation. With its unique and time tested models,Binary Option also offers a perfect opportunity for hedge fund managers and CTAs to enhance their alpha for the funds they currently manage.


Dianna Stivenson


I am a business lady. Too much busy with my working schedule most of the time but boe taught me a smart way to consume my minimum time to get the maximum results. I get updates regularly with stocks as I am pretty much interested in trading them. My manager helps me out to figure out the best moment to place my trade and I follow that, open my trade directly with my mobile and here I go, I am winning trades. Everyone have to understand this, in every field you have to follow the proper footsteps in order to get successful and I think I am doing that but boe is playing a big role in assisting me on that track with knowledge and great support. I am satisfied much with Auto Trade Binary Option System

Stefan Smith


I traded all my life on the Stock Market. Always used to think of developing myself and reach the international market. All I needed was the right platform and here I found it, Binary Borsa Auto Trade Binary Option System. Now I see myself on the road to success and progression. I see myself upgrading with my knowledge about the market, whether it is local or international. Completely see myself on the developing stage and I have a strong feeling that the way I gave myself on the local market, I can do better on the international market while trading with binary borsa. Thank you a lot for the reliable and profitable services.

Joshua Martinez


I had not big experience in trading with binary. I started with small money. Auto Trade Binary Option System taught me a lot of new things and let me make this small money big money. I never used to trust that I can make money like that – just using a phone or a pc while relaxing in an environment you want. They built that trust for me and now I am happy using their strategies and getting help to create my own in terms of making money on the financial market. It’s like when I feel I need it, people from binary borsa helps me to fulfill my need and I am quite satisfied with it. I wish everybody enjoy.

Risk Disclousre

The risk of loss in trading can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. When trading on margin, you may sustain a total loss of the initial margin funds and any additional funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain a position in the market. Before deciding to trade and/or invest, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not trade or invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Binary Options Trading can generate high profit return on your investment. It may also involve a risk of losing your initial investment. Any income claims are typical of top performers not all users and your results will vary.