Three Scientific Research Projects of Zhenjiang Company Including Large-area Monolayer Strip Surfacing Hydrogenation Reactor have Passed Appraisal
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2019.12.10

Recently, in Zhenjiang Company, one of the subsidiaries of SINOMACH-HE, three scientific researches including large-area momolayer strip surfacing hydrogenation reactor, phased array flaw detection technology of thick-wall vessel nozzle and shell connection weld application research and TOFD detection technology of non-uniform butt joint application research as well as forging and pressing process application research of barrel forging have passed the appraisal. The meeting of appraisal was sponsored by Erzhong Equipment and Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.


Through investigation, inquiry and discussion, the research fruits of the three scientific projects have passed the collective appraisal of evaluation experts and won their universal high approval. Meanwhile, they spoke highly of the manufacturing and management ability of Zhenjiang Company and expressed their strong interest in the prospective development of the company.


The successful appraisal of the three scientific projects will greatly enhance the influence of SINOMACH-HE in the petrochemical area, provide strong technical support for upgrading the petrochemical products in SINOMACH-HE and lay a solid foundation for independent operation and reversing losses of Zhenjiang Company.