Successful Thermal Test of Shenglong Metallurgy 2# Slab Continuous Casting Machine Provided by SINO-HEAVYMACH
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2019.12.17

Recently, the thermal test of Shenglong Metallurgy 2# Slab Continuous Casting Machine provided by SINO-HEAVYMACH(the research subsidiary of SINOMACH-HE) was successful. All functions of the continuous casting machine reached the standard with quality slabs going into the steel rolling process. The successful thermal test of this equipment opened a new phase for Shenglong metallurgy in slab production.


Shenglong metallurgy was located in the largest port of the west in China, Fangchenggang city of Guangxi province, with unique geographical advantage in the “One belt, one road” initiative. As a metallurgical enterprise, the superiority and reliability of continuous machine can directly impact its position in ASEAN. The success of the thermal test of this project has demonstrated leading technical capability of SINO-HEAVYMACH and also provided a strong basis for further collaboration between the two parties.