CHMC Passed Authentication of The Customhouse Again as One of AEO Senior Certified Companies
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2019.12.19

Recently, CHMCone trading subsidiary of SINOMACH-HE received the Certificate of Authentication of the Customhouse of Zhongguancun of the People’s Republic of China again, marking that CHMC passed the re-authentication for AEO senior certified companies by conforming to the standards of senior certified businesses, so it can continue to enjoy the benefits conferred to senior certified businesses by the credit management of the customhouse.


The customhouse specifies that the authentication is held every three years for senior certified businesses.Through building the collaborations between the customhouse and businesses by WCO, AEO authentication is to ensure secure supply chain and well-suited trading system by providing measures to facilitate customs clearance for the local country and countries of mutual recognition in customs 

Currently, there are a total of 1.22 million importing and exporting enterprises, with 0.26% of them passing AEO senior authentication. Since CHMC became the AEO senior certified business, while its largely reduced cost of customs clearance helped it enhance international competitiveness, it can also enjoy convenient custom clearance measures.

At present, the General Administration of Customs is actively promoting the negotiation of mutual recognition of countries alongside “one belt one road”, in order to create favorable conditions for Chinese enterprises in their roles in the “one belt one road” initiative.