Erzhong Equipment Successfully Smelted Taipingling Surge Line Electric Slag Ingot
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2019.12.24

Recently, 15-ton electric slag furnace of the steelmaking plant of the casting and forging factory in Erzhong Equipment (the manufacturing subsidiary of SINOMACH-HE)successfully smelted five 10-ton Taipingling surge line electric slag.

The five steel ingots  undertaken by Erzhong Equipment are in the category of surge steel of Taipingling Unit One and Two. Made of super-low carbon, they are another key nuclear power product of upgraded 15-ton electric slag equipment with high quality and advanced smelting technique of consumable electrodes and electric slag ingot.

After demoulding five Taipingling nuclear power surge lines with electric slag ingot, the ingots are smooth without any cinder spout, which is fully consistent with technological requirements.